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Making every conversation between companies and their clients create value for society.


What Characterizes Us


A mixture of ambition and vision, we have a clear vision of our intentions and aims, keeping our objectives in mind at all times. We like challenges and confronting them with ambitious goals.

Happy Vibes

We are a group of people that appreciate positive relationships, which is why we think of each other as friends, not just colleagues. Empathy, respect, and affection characterize our relationships.

The Client

Our focus is solving the needs of our clients. We put ourselves in their place, looking for solutions to both resolve their problems and generate new opportunities.


We are a team that not only speaks, but communicates. Our roles and how they relate to the rest of the team are clearly defined, resulting in excellent coordination and quick conflict resolution.

The Team

Alejandro Feuereisen

CEO - Founder

Juan José Besa

CTO - Founder

Juan Manuel Erdocia

Sales Vicepresident

Nicole Salinas

Sales Manager

Antonio Hartmann

Sales Manager

José Miguel Tobar


Elizabeth Fisher

Customer Sucess Manager

Francesca Barbera


Katherine Armijo

Data Analyst

Pedro Pérez

Customer Sucess Manager

Leora Baum


Odette Viveros

Data Analyst

Ilan Jelenkiewicz

Customer Success Manager

Dayana Godoy


Daniel Silva

CS Lead Consultant

Dámaris Egaña

Product Owner

Dominik Saran

Software Engineer

Max Söderlund

Software Engineer

Andrés Gomes

Software Engineer

Juan Carlos Ormeño

Product Owner

Bárbara Inostroza

UX Designer

Eduardo Díaz


Jorge Aravena

Software Engineer

Andrés Fernández

Software Engineer

Aníbal Rodríguez

Software Engineer

Loreto Hernández


Paula Peña

Administrative Assistant

Verónica Díaz

Office Facilities Manager