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Each salesperson has $7,000 USD of losses hidden in their emails

Why does this happen?

Half of all business opportunities are received by sales representatives via email.

53% of the opportunities are not dealt with or responded to with an “I’m looking into it”

⅔ of this business is lost because customer service agents don’t respond.

These losses wouldn’t occur if they had a tool to help prioritize emails.

The tool exists, and Wholemeaning has it.

1. Knowledge

Our artificial intelligence analyzes emails between clients and sales and post-sales representatives.

2. Measurement

We provide indicators that allow you to quantify the opportunities that your account agents receive.

3. Action

Having the necessary insights it is time for you to take actions that get you closer to your goals.

4. Growth

Capture new clients, close deals, and increase customer retention. See concrete results.


Decrease in response time


Increase in response rate


Reduction in insistence rate


Gained daily, per agent

A few of our clients