How Artificial Intelligence applied to emails can improve customer experience

How Artificial Intelligence applied to emails can improve customer experience

The development of artificial intelligence has dramatically transformed user experience and client management on all fronts. It has especially enhanced email interactions, allowing for the swift identification and categorization of content, improving workflow speed, and resulting in more efficient communications for clients and executives alike.

Identifying content

The possibilities for automation offered by AI can play an essential role in the optimization of emails. In 2016, more than 215 billion emails were sent, 98.9 billion of which dealt with commercial matters. This situation makes the identification of relevant content – referring to real business opportunities – an issue of vital importance for time management.

Tools such as Wholemeaning’s Email Solution allow you to identify the content of emails without the trouble of opening them one by one. As a result, executives can focus on answering only those of real importance for their company’s business objectives.

Categorizing needs

The volume of emails that enter an average inbox can considerably hinder workflow and prevent the timely identification of important messages. Making the most of your email interactions is no mean feat, which is why Artificial Intelligence may hold the answer to your problems.

The solution offered by Wholemeaning allows you to effectively filter the emails that enter your inbox daily, powered by an algorithm that facilitates email categorization and gives the user a general panorama in a single reading. Thanks to its tagging system, this tool lets executives know the subject of a message without having to read or even open it, so that they can focus on addressing only those relevant to their goals.

Improving workflows

Email is one of the main communication channels in a work environment. In fact, it has a ROI above 120%, which is proof of the importance it has for companies. However, the high flow of messages that reach different folders can hinder workflow, generating delays in established deadlines and preventing the achievement of business goals.

In view of the above, solutions such as Wholemeaning’s allow companies not only to categorize and prioritize the messages they receive, but, consequently, to improve workflows according to the level of urgency and importance of each message. As a consequence, workers can organize their responsibilities by attending to the most important emails first, which lets them optimize their days to the maximum.

Artificial Intelligence has multiple possible applications to email, but message categorization and prioritization undoubtedly stand out among them. To invest in a tool that facilitates the optimization of time and human capital has become a matter of great importance, since it may well prove to be the key to increasing your company’s productivity.