Why email inboxes can make you lose money

Why email inboxes can make you lose money

Today, executives are forced to keep an eye on their emails at all times. Through email, they receive queries, requests, business opportunities and even complaints. All these interactions can be addressed correctly and on time if a significant portion of the working day is allotted to them.

However, sales and after sales executives receive such a high number of requests per day that they can accidentally fail to notice important messages. In fact, according to a study conducted by The Radicati Group, a worker sends and receives, on average, 122 emails a day. For this reason, it is important to pay special attention to emails and to have a good platform for their management.

Why is email important?

It is estimated that executives receive half of all business opportunities through email. However, 53% of these are not addressed or answered with an “I’m on it”. As a consequence, two-thirds of potential business opportunities are lost because of a failure to reply.

These losses can be prevented with the help of a tool specially designed to help with email management. Some of the benefits of this type of tool are:

1. A decrease in responde times:

By having a tool that promotes the management of your email, everything will be more orderly; search times will be shortened, and an alert will be created for messages that have not been answered. Statistics reveal that executives decrease their response time by 93% with the aid of these solutions.

2. An increase in response rates:

If on average one executive receives more than 100 emails per day, it is likely that he will miss more than one. With a tool that helps to manage email inboxes, the response rate increases by 98%, which reduces the possibility of not attending to important messages.

3. A reduction in insistance rates

By facilitating email replies, email solvers help to prevent repeated consultations by clients. Not only is the insistence rate reduced by 30%, but there is also a decrease in the number of messages received.

4. Executives gain time to process their clients’ request

As has been mentioned above, executives receive a large number of requests per day, which means that much of their working day is spent in reading and writing messages. With a good email management tool, executives can gain up to one hour of work a day. It is necessary for companies to take stock of how important customers’ emails, because their proper handling helps generate added value and customer loyalty. Wholemeaning has solutions that have been especially designed for these purposes; solutions that can enhance sales management and make executives’ work more effective.