The 3 things you need to know about applying Artificial Intelligence to Customer Service

The 3 things you need to know about applying Artificial Intelligence to Customer Service
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Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the way in which companies provide efficient responses to their consumers. Its uses in the field of Digital Marketing increase daily, which is why we will analyze some interesting points about its application to Customer Service in the following post.

1. Optimize your communications

In an increasingly digitized and demanding market, optimizing communications with customers and prospects is fundamental. How many emails do you receive each day? Do you know how many out of those include new business possibilities?

Email is an invaluable communication channel, especially in a business environment. In fact, it is estimated that the ROI of the email is 122% – 4 times bigger than that of other communication channels. Can you imagine what you could do if you added Artificial Intelligence?

Solutions such as those offered by Wholemeaning filter, analyze, and prioritize the emails that enter your inbox, allowing companies to focus on the emails that really matter. Thus, it is possible to increase business opportunities and deliver a faster and more efficient Customer Service.

2. Email Marketing is more efficient

Email campaigns have been optimized to the maximum thanks to the advantages of AI. Consequently, a better Customer Service can be provided in the following ways:

  • Creation of exact contents according to user segments: intelligent programs for email design help to choose the right target for each one of them. At the same time, they provide a perfect balance between text content and multimedia information, according to the habits and interests of the audience.
  • Sending emails at the ideal date and time: AI can determine the exact time to send an email, which may increase the rate of opening and response.
  • More efficient responses: similarly, these programs can create quick emails with relevant information based on previous data. For example, frequent questions from clients and prospects can be resolved in just minutes by means of an email system equipped with AI, creating a more satisfactory experience.

3. Monitoring Customer Service

Generally, users contact brands through channels such as social networks or corporate websites in order to solve a problem or clarify a doubt. On this level, the integration of Artificial Intelligence helps to deliver better quality in Customer Service.

Thanks to pattern identification and data analysis, programs endowed with Artificial Intelligence can establish conversations with users, guiding them according to their needs, and responding effectively to their doubts.

If Machine Learning is added to the recipe, a Customer Service solution equipped with AI can be the key to attract and retain customers and prospects.

It is possible to provide higher quality Customer Services thanks to the features mentioned above. As the interactions between brands and clients continues to evolve, everything indicates that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay.

This new digital era can be most aptly defined with two terms: speed and efficiency. Consequently, investing in intelligent automatic programs has become a matter of necessity for many companies that have understood their role in strengthening clients’ loyalty and trust and providing them with the best possible experience at the same time.